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As we start another year, it’s worth remembering that while the pandemic is still present, it doesn’t define us.

All signs are pointing to a great shift in the way we work, the work we do, and the role we play in making our own choices.

This year, Project Displaced’s coaches and guides will continue to support you as you consider your next steps. Whether you need help with interviews (and practising your skills!), resume tips and hacks, positioning yourself on LinkedIn, self-care ideas, or simply working out what to do next – there’s a Project Displaced expert here for you.

And yes, it’s a ‘no cost’ service. That’s right – you have access to the best and brightest in the recruitment and coaching space. All our coaches, specialists, and support staff are volunteers. Why? Because they want to give back.

And when you win the job you want, please tell us – so we can share your great news.

This year’s blog will continue to bring you success stories and testimonials, as well as insights and ideas.

Keep reading, and tell your friends. Project Displaced is making a difference.

Visit to learn more about what’s on offer.