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What is Project Placed?

Project Placed is job support service designed to support unemployed people between the ages of 18 and 65 who are disadvantaged and experiencing financial hardship, helplessness and distress. We were Australia’s first social movement established due to COVID and run entirely by qualified professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in order to help job seekers.

Today our services are more in need than ever.

Our mission is to help as many job seekers as we can. We are not-for-profit and are supported by an amazing team of volunteers and businesses who believe in helping the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their income or careers because of the pandemic.

Where are you based?

Our main office is in Sydney, Australia. Our consultants are located across Australia.

Can you help people who are not based in Australia?

No. We would love to help everyone but job markets and resume requirements vary greatly between countries and we are only expert in the Australian job market.

If you are an Australian resident or visa holder who is based overseas and is contemplating a move back home, we will happily assist you as best we can.

Please note that due to insurance restrictions we are unable to help anyone who is located in North America, regardless of your right to work in Australia.

Are you part of the Australian Government JobActive Network?

No. We are independent and not part of the JobActive Network or any Australian Federal or State Government initiatives.

Do you have jobs?

We don’t offer jobs with Project Placed as we are a volunteer organisation.

Employers do share jobs with us for our community of job seekers and we advertise these on our Facebook page. Follow us to get access to the latest jobs.

Do you guarantee that I'll find a job after using your services?

We only provide general advice and do not guarantee that you’ll get a job.

Your consultant will work with you to develop a job search strategy that gives you the best possible chance of success.

You can read what other job seekers say about their experience with us in our testimonials.

How many sessions can I book?

You can book any number of services that you need. We just ask that you please consider this is a free service and we do want to help as many people as possible.

Check our Fair Use Policy for more information.

What if I don't know what help I need?

That’s a very common question and you’re not alone! We suggest that you book our session called Not Sure? Start Here! And one of our team will talk to you about your situation and needs, and work with you to identify the services that are best for you.

Do you provide financial advice?

We are not licensed financial planners and our consultants do not provide financial advice.

Do you provide legal advice?

We are not lawyers and our consultants do not provide legal advice.

I need urgent mental health support, can you help me?

We are not a crisis service. If you are feeling overwhelmed or need urgent or specialist help please contact any one of these organisations:

We provide Mental Health First Aid delivered by qualified specialists. Our services are general in nature and do not replace any mental health plan you may be working on with your family GP.

I have a question that isn't answered here

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. Or alternatively you can use the contact us button on this website or message us on our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

How do I make a booking?

Simply go to our Services page and choose the service that’s right for you.

How much do you charge for services?

We don’t charge job seekers anything for our services.

What do your services cost

We don’t charge job seekers anything for our services.

Our experts normally charge more than $250 an hour for their services but they donate their time and services because they believe everyone should have access to expert support when they need it most.

How can you afford to provide free services?

All our team donate their time to help job seekers. We have an amazing team of highly qualified professionals who give their free time to provide our services and give up their own paid clients to help.

We do have operating costs – each hour of our services costs us $20 – and we rely on donations from those who can afford to help us.

You can help us cover our running costs by donating here.

What kind of help can you provide?

We offer a range of free one-on-one coaching services, available 7 days a week.

You can have a look at all the services we offer by clicking here and choose the support session that’s best for you.

We also regularly offer free group webinars – check our class schedule and sign up for the session that’s best for you.

Are consultations private?

Yes. All consultations are held in the strictest confidence and are private between you and your consultant.

Our consultants all sign a strict Confidentiality Agreement before starting any consultations with you.

Do I have to be getting JobKeeper or Centrelink Benefits to use your services?

No. Anyone who needs career or mental health support can use our services.

Who are the consultants and who pays them?

Our consultants are all volunteers and do not get paid. They volunteer their time and expertise because they want to give back to the community and help people.

Our consultants come from a range of professional backgrounds, specialisms, and locations across Australia. They are all either qualified career coaches, recruiters, HR managers, life coaches, psychologists, or Mental Health First Aid specialists.

Many of our Mental Health First Aid specialists are also psychologists or accredited Lifeline volunteers.

Are your consultants qualified?

Yes. All our consultants are professionals with significant experience and qualifications in their areas of expertise.

You can learn about each of the team here.

What should I expect during a session?

For details of how you should prepare for your session, and what to expect please click here.

I don't have access to Zoom or Teams, can you still help me?

Yes. When your consultant sends you your meeting link all you need to do is reply to them and let them know you would prefer to have your consultation over the phone. They will call you. We can also arrange to meet over Skype, or Google Meets, whatever you prefer.

Can you write my resume for me?

No. Our consultants are experts in recruitment and will provide you with their insights and suggestions to help make your resume stand-out.

They may suggest publicly available tools and templates that they recommend, but they cannot write your resume for you.

They will offer to review your updated resume (via email) after your session.

If you do want a professionally written resume, we recommend Resumes to You – an Australian-based resume and cover letter writing service. Click here for more information.

Do your consultants have a code of conduct?

All of our consultants are qualfiied and experienced professionals and sign a strict Confidentiality Agreement with us before they start providing consultations.

All our consultants agree to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and understanding.

Many of our coaches are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and conduct themselves in accordance with the ICF Codes of Ethics.

How do I make a booking?

It’s easy to make a booking. Book instantly for a time that suits you by clicking the SERVICES button for the service you want.

We’ll ask you for some information that will help your consultant learn more about you and prepare for your session in advance.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

When you make a booking you’ll receive an instant confirmation on your screen and we’ll also send a confirmation email to you. Your confirmation email will include the date and time of your booking as well as the name of your consultant.

If you don’t receive that email, please double check your junk mail folder.

If in doubt, please contact us immediately.

How do I meet my consultant?

All sessions are held virtually either on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or over the phone. Your consultant will email you a link to your virtual meeting before your session to confirm contact details.

If you don’t receive the email from your consultant the day before your session please first check your junk mail folder.

If you still have issues please contact us immediately.

I want a session with a specific consultant, how can I arrange that?

All our team are qualified professionals who will be delighted to help you but if you want to book a session with a specific consultant please contact us and our friendly Booking Team will do their best to help you.

Please be aware that because our team donate some of their spare time, they aren’t all working with us every week. We will do our best to accommodate you but please understand that your preferred coach may not be available right now.

If possible, we ask you to please provide at least 24 hours notice for any reschedules.

Changing a booking is easy. You can do any one of the following:

1) Click the “change” link in your confirmation email which will take you to your booking where you can cancel or change it

2) Go to our Services page and click “Sign In” on the top right-hand side, from there you will be able to manage all of your bookings

3) Talk to our friendly Booking team – contact us.

How do I cancel my booking?

Our consultants normally charge at least $250 an hour but are donating their services to you for free. If possible, we ask you to please provide at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations so that we can be fair to our consultants.

Cancelling a booking is easy. You can do any one of the following:

1) Click the “change” link in your confirmation email which will take you to your booking where you can cancel or change it

2) Go to our Services page and click “Sign In” on the top right-hand side, from there you will be able to manage all of your bookings

3) Talk to our friendly Booking team – contact us.

How can I support the work you do for job seekers?

We’re always grateful for any support. You can make a donation here or check out any of the other ways to get involved here.

We are a Registered Charity with the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

I'd like to volunteer, can I do that?

We love chatting to qualified professionals who want to help us. We welcome coaches, mental health professionals as well as people who want to work behind the scenes.

Please contact us with a brief outline of how you’d like to volunteer and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Are Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

You can find details of how to donate to help us keep our vital services going by clicking here.

Our Services

We’re so glad you are here, trying to find the help you need and deserve. All of our services are free of charge and held via Zoom or phone, so you can speak to us from the comfort of your own home.

Click on any of the services below to learn more and book instantly.

Skills Session

This session can help you identify and leverage your transferable and hidden skills.

Learn More

Resume & Cover Letter

We can review your resume or cover letter and give you actionable insights. Haven’t written one yet and don’t know where to start? We’ve got friends who can help.

Learn More

Linkedin Profile Advice

Make LinkedIn work for you. We can help you find ways to optimise this often daunting platform.

Learn More

Job Interview Prep

Do you have a job interview coming up and feeling a bit nervous? We can help you prepare for it!

Learn More

Career Coaching

Choose this session if you just want to have a conversation about where your career is going, what the job market outlook is, or need help identifying what path is right for you.

Learn More

Executive Career Coaching

Are you a mid-senior level professional or executive from any profession or industry? This is a focussed session with one of our senior recruiters or career coaches.

Learn More

Mindset Coaching

This session will help you reframe any mindset obstacles to build your confidence, motivation and self-belief.

Learn More

Mental Wellbeing

This session will provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about how you're feeling with an accredited psychologist or Mental Health First Aid counsellor.

Learn More

Not sure yet? Start here!

Not sure what service you need? This is the perfect place to start! Book this 30min session with one of our team to discuss your current situation and needs. We'll help you work through the services we offer, and choose the ones that are perfect for you. We will also answer any questions you may have about us.

Once you complete this session, you'll be able to log in again and then book the specific focussed sessions you need.