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What do you think is the first sign of civilization?

What was that first thing that separated us – humans – from the animalistic world and was the first declaration of us as civilized species?

You may say it was “paintings on cave’s walls”, “first tools”, “use of fire”, “cooked food”, even “singing” (for leisure or to calm a baby).

Margaret Mead has asked the same question to her anthropology students, and she received the same answers, which were correct in their own way. But not exactly.

As it turns out, the first blink of civilization in cavemen was found in a 15.000 year-old thigh bone, found by archeologists, which had some signs of being broken and then healed.

In the wilderness, a creature with this kind of injury has zero chances of survival. It cannot run, or fight, or get to the water, or hunt.

Most likely it will be eaten by a passing-by predator.

If a human being had his (or her) thigh bone healed, it means that someone has carried an injured human to safety.

Someone dropped their hunt, or gathering, and stayed for a prolonged period of time near the wounded fellow human, caring and protecting them. Consider that with all our modern medicine it takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal a fracture like this today – imagine how much longer would it take with the prehistoric level of medicine!

Someone has never left the site of wounded until they were fully recovered.

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